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Alexander grew up playing with trees and rocks in rural Connecticut in the glorious 1980’s. He learned how to milk goats and boil a mean pot o’ pasta while being homeschooled as a kid. Later, he also learned how to procrastinate properly and play nice with others while in public school during his teen years.

After traveling and working around the world agog during a gap year, Alexander was fortunate enough to be able to rack up sizable student debt getting his Bachelor’s degree in the ever lucrative East Asian Studies at the University of Pennsylvania. He has successfully never utilized his degree for any practical purpose.

Upon eventually graduating, Alexander went through a long, frustrating rollercoaster of odd jobs to pay the bills exciting and varied sampling period chock full of self-reflection and further learning. This included careers in hospitality, computer repair, education, retail, landscaping, housepainting, masonry, fencing, network installation, foreclosure inspections, financial planning, bartending, life coaching, and IT/business consulting. The last 3 seem to have stuck, and he’s also added writing into the mix.

Which leads to where we are right here and now. To yet another middle.

This site’s name was chosen because it represents the idea that we’re always in the middle, wherever we are in life. When we’re 5 years old, we can usually remember back 4 of those years, and thinking 4 years ahead feels like a far-away fantasy. When we’re 50, it’s much the same—remembering back to our childhood, and thinking ahead to our twilight years.

If we reach a career milestone, it’s natural to reflect back to when we started on our career path, and we start to dream about reaching our next or more ambitious milestones.

If we hike to one peak, we see the vast horizon, but as we keep moving through the next set of valley and up the horizon’s foothills, we eventually reach a new peak and see a brand new beautiful horizon.

Basically, it’s a reminder to always enjoy the moment, since no matter where we go, there we are, and there will always be more horizons ahead!